Old Mutual JoBerg2C - 9 Days

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Date: 24 April 2015
Time: 07h00
Organisers: Glen & the Sani2c Team
Distance: 900;
Province: Gauteng
Start: Karan Beef
(near Heidelberg)
Finish: Scottburgh
Contact 1: Nicky Green
(Cell) 082-5699198

Contact 2: Kelly Pennington
(Work) 011-4863900
(Fax) 086-6173852
(Cell) 072-2272493
Entry Details:
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 0. Route Type: Point-to-point
This is a long stage race of more than 900 kilometres taken over nine days.
Day 1
Karan Beef to Frankfort
Distance: 113 kilometres. Total ascent: 941 metres. Total descent: 960 metres

This epic ride starts at the Karan Beef HQ, South Africa’s largest private feedlot. The first four kilometres of single-track sets the tone for the day as you tackle the notorious Karan Koppie climb. Soon enough the hill is at your back and you can settle into a comfortable pace as you get to know your travelling companions.

The Free State has its own beauty as you cycle along a mix of farm and district roads along the edge of the Wilge River. This is mealie land for sure.

JoBerg2C 1
Day 2
Frankfort School to Reitz Show Grounds
Distance: 93 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,073 metres. Total descent: 1,004 metres

The first real day of racing starts off with a short neutral zone out of Frankfort. The initial part of the ride will demand your attention as most of the climbing takes place here. You ride on single-track past Makopan Station followed by a sharp climb up to the trig beacon. Onward you strive to Glenwalton Farm and the first watering point where farm roads become tracks.

Once you have finished at the second watering point there is yet more single-track as the route takes you to a legendary spit-braai in Reitz.

JoBerg2C 2
Day 3
Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam
Distance: 125 kilometres. Total ascent: 910 metres. Total descent: 843 metres

To be sure, the last part of the third day is harder than the first so be a bit circumspect as you ride out of Reitz in the neutral zone. The first challenge is ‘Leeu Heuwel’ and if rumour is to believed there are real lions in the area. There are some fast descents to the first watering table and if you can take your eyes off the track at this point you may notice the furtive hints of the sand stone features so typical of the eastern Free State.

Onward now to the Dam and a ride across the long but spectacular wall. Tomorrow is another day, one that will take you into the land of the Zulu.

JoBerg2C 3
Day 4
Sterkfontein Dam to Winterton
Distance: 116 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,317 metres. Total descent: 1,947 metres

Today’s ride will ask a lot from each rider. The beautiful start from Sterkfontein Dam belies some of the technical riding ahead. First on the menu is Kerk-en-Berg which is a tough climb in anyone’s book. To be sure the mountain passes into KwaZulu-Natal are spectacular. Next is the ‘Kaalvoet Vrou’ monument which marks the Free State – KwaZulu-Natal border. From here the descent is rapid and steep. The single-track is seemingly endless; punctuated with drops, jumps, climbs and crossings.

The menu’s main course is the notorious and historic Spionkop. The mountain is famous for the Battle which took place on 24 January 1900 during the Anglo Boer War. Look well here and remember the fallen as you fight your own fight. The reward is as sweet as the victory; a sweeping view of the Spioenkop Dam and the Berg.

For dessert and the final stretch to Winterton lies Puff Adder Pass, a tricky stretch of technical single-track. It is a tester for all but once over the summit there is the sweet and easy ride into Winterton.

JoBerg2C 4
Day 5
Winterton to Kamberg
Distance: 102 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,645 metres. Total descent: 1,158 metres

The fifth day promises a dramatic change in scenery as you take the orderly ride out of Winterton. Today’s business is a steady and relentless climb to the end. With the Southern Drakensberg in view you know the bushveld is behind you and there is a lot of climbing ahead.

The climate changes and the first of many timber plantations appear. Kamberg’s terrain offers great oaks and plane where earlier there were thorn trees. With farms now named Yorkshire Downs and Glengarry you may be forgiven if you thought you were riding through Wordsworth’s neighbourhood.

JoBerg2C 5
Day 6
Kamberg to Hazeldean Farm
Distance: 94 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,946 metres. Total descent: 1,954 metres

With more than 550 kilometres done, the sixth day will take you to the highest point of the race. This stage can be broken down into two halves. First the fast and exciting, which includes a climb to the highest point at ‘Snow Top Farm’, some 1,864 metres above sea level. The 12 kilometre descent heralds the arrival of the second half of the day and its toil. Climb out of the ‘Valley of Death’ any way you can, some will be reduced to a walk, many will quake and a few will revel in the strain. However you make it, the rolling pine plantations leading to Hazeldean Farm will herald the close of a great day of riding.

JoBerg2C 6
Day 7
Hazeldean Farm to Mackenzie Country Club
Distance: 86 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,324 metres. Total descent: 1,596 metres

This stage will turn out to be more restful following yesterday’s grind. The first 15 kilometres have fast, scenic and undulating district roads that will allow you time to spread out. Ahead is some technical riding through the oak dual-track. Now with one last look back at the Southern Drakensberg, the double single-track takes you through The Ferns and down cool pine-forest-tracks towards Bulwer.

After the day’s first watering point you will be treated to a cool and often wet descent through the Nxumene Forest, home of the Cape Parrot. Soon after leaving this natural forest the second watering point is upon you, a spectator resting place situated at Donnybrook Station. The closing stages are on single-track through pine plantations. There are quiet back roads and the going is mostly easy until one final firm handshake for this stage as you negotiate the notorious and torturous Tiny’s climb to the finish at the Mackenzie Country Club.

JoBerg2C 7
Day 8
Mackenzie Country Club to Jolivet Farm
Distance: 97 kilometres. Total ascent: 1,212 metres. Total descent: 1,745 metres

The penultimate day once again presents you with a route divided into two halves. Firstly there is a bumpy downhill ride into the Umkomaas Valley followed by a steady pull to Jolivet Farm. The opening stage incorporates long stretchers of single-track along old cattle paths with a number of bridge crossings. There are times you will not believe a route is possible from the towering cliffs above to the mighty Umkomaas below. The drop into the valley is dramatic and peppered with fast switchback descents that require technical expertise and nerves of steel.

The final climax of the 30 kilometre drop into the Valley is at Tamika’s Detour. Here the route bottoms out along the banks of the mighty river and you get some relief as you contemplate the route ahead. Firstly a simple ride over the Qunu River followed by the Nyala Game Farm, an area abundant with kudu, bush pig and nyala.

Now for the real business of the day, Baby Staesbraes followed by Big Staesbraes. These are long hot climbs at the best of times. The climbing is as long as it is relentless, but the steeper gradients come first, so there is some good cheer in all the hard work. Once over the 25 kilometre climb, the final ride in to your last sleepover stop is pleasant enough. To be sure one of the harder days.

JoBerg2C 8
Day 9
Jolivet Farm to Scottburgh
Distance: 75 kilometres. Total ascent: 589 metres. Total descent: 1,330 metres

This is final day and you have already done more than 800 kilometres. This promises to be an easy, fast route to the finish. Mealies have changed into bushveld. The road then transformed into Drakensberg buttresses and then faded into gentle Midland landscapes reminiscent of the Lake Districts. Now finally it is the turn of the manicured sugar cane farms and the farm roads and single-track that lead to the sea. This stage will present some final challenge but all too soon you will hear a faint whisper at first and then the roar of the mighty Indian Ocean as the finish heaves into view. With more than 900 kilometres and nine days done, you are a legend.

JoBerg2C 9
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Editor's Notes:
The Old Mutual JoBerg2c is part race and part adventure. There is a team relay option that allows up to six riders a chance to ride in three x three stages.
Finishers: 250
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