Lake Umuzi Kosmos 3-in-1 MTB Challenge

Club Contacts Rated Race
Date: 28 March 2015
Time: 06h30
Organisers: Megchem Cycling Club
Distance: 63; 25, 15
Province: Mpumalanga
Start: Lake Umuzi Waterfront
1 Kiewiet Street
Contact 1: Hein Schmidt
(Work) 017-6202200
(Fax) 017-6206522
(Cell) 084-8048749

Contact 2: Nico Smit
(Work) 017-6202200
(Fax) 017-6314690
(Cell) 084-7196460
Entry Details:
Late entries are accepted at the start from 06h00.
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 3. Route Type: Out-and-back
There are three races planned through seasonal cosmos fields, a 63 kilometre marathon, a 25 kilometre technical ride and a timed lap race.
Prizes and Give-Aways:
Prize money is offered to winners of each individual race distance and medals go to riders who finish all three distances. There are also category prizes, good quality lucky draw prizes and unique medals.
Course Records:
Name Time Year
Editor's Notes:
Various races are held throughout the day. The ever popular Kosmos 3-in-1 Marathon is staged at this venue two weeks earlier.
Finishers: 570
Press Releases:
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