Attakwas Extreme

Club Contacts Rated Race
Date: 17 January 2015
Time: 06h30
Organisers: Dryland Event Coordinators
Distance: 121; 52
Province: Western Cape
Start: Chandelier Game & Ostrich Farm
Finish: Pine Creek Holiday Resort
Groot Brak River
Mossel Bay
Contact 1: Carel Herholdt
(Work) 044-2033733
(Fax) 044-2033715
(Cell) 082-6955485

Contact 2: Henco Rademeyer
(Work) 044-2792423
(Fax) 044-2791096
(Cell) 082-6511680
Entry Details:
Pre-entries: Late entries are accepted at the start from 05h30 onwards.
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 0. Route Type: Point-to-point
This race is arguably one of South Africa’s toughest one day races. The route goes through the Klein Karoo to the finish at Little Brak River in Mossel Bay.
Attakwas Extreme
The first 30 kilometres are fairly easy to negotiate rolling jeep-track and farmlands as you hit the Mountain Hope road on your way to Zebrasfontein. Brace yourself, the ride to the first watering point is hard but there is more to come, this is the Atta after all. As you ride through the Doringrivier Nature Reserve take some time to enjoy the proteas and fynbos. The going is getting tougher and the scenic splendour is not the only thing that takes your breath away.

By the time you reach the second watering point 50 kilometres are behind you and the race’s great challenge is before you. Here the Atta earns its reputation, here you earn yours. As hard as it is, you are truly privileged to ride on these unspoilt tracks. The highest point marks the halfway mark, below is Bonnievale and a welcome Spur burger at the third watering point. Take care the descent is really technical and any mistake could cost you the race.

Soon enough you will find yourself on gravel roads racing through pine forests on your way to the fourth watering point. Many will argue the next stretch between the 70- and 105-kilometre marks is the toughest section of the route as unrelenting hills and merciless heat takes their toll. There are tough obstacles and mighty challenges still to face before the first sighting of the sea but from there on the reward is an easy ride to the finish.

Attakwas Extreme
Attakwas Mini
Make no mistake the shorter race is a challenge in itself. The race starts off with a long and energy sapping climb out of Great Brak River on your way to Jonkersberg, on rolling farm roads. On the plateau you will be compensated by magnificent views overlooking Mossel Bay.

With the first watering point and 20 kilometres behind you, there is still some tough riding ahead. In part you follow the contours of the southerly slopes of the Outeniqua on jeep-track, in part you climb. The second watering point before the 40-kilometre marker heralds the end of your tough riding and now you can enjoy an easy downhill ride, first to Botlierskop and then the end.

Attakwas Mini
Course Records:
Name Time Year
Men Francois Theron 05:36:00 2009
Women Yolande de Villiers 06:29:00 2008
Editor's Notes:
This race will be held for the ninth time in 2015. This route was the only access the Voortrekker pioneers had to the unknown interior. Parts of this route are not usually accessible to the public and the race is staged through virgin territory for mountain bike racing.

There are many legends that have grown up around this unique race and many of them true. One such legend, all true, is the exceptional standard and quality of the watering stations.
Finishers: 400 Time Limit: 11:00
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