Tom Cottrell's Cyclists' Guide 2017 - now a convienent app




You have read the book now get it on your phone. The Cyclists' Guide 2017 Digital Apps are available in the iTunes and Android app stores. The Cyclists' Guide to Road and Mountain Bike Races in South Africa lists well over 600 races. All the essential information is there, date, time and venue. The contact details are comprehensive and are well researched. In many instances the entry rules and details are given. The course descriptions are comprehensive and a great number of races show the route profile, such essential information when planning a good race.  


You can access the book on your phone, find races near you, look up specific races, and get the most up-to-date information, race profiles and details. It’s the easy reading and huge knowledge base of the book with most up-to-date information from our offices that is updated daily - all in your phone or tablet. Find out more and see screenshots here for the iPhone and iPad or Android apps.