Advertising Rates

We asked athletes from three different disciplines what information was critical for them. What do they want? The answer came back loud and clear, fixtures information is the most important. And that is exactly what we do, fixtures and race information.  We know that event details are a constantly moving target. We are contacted daily by organisers informing us of these fixture changes.

We have developed a comprehensive information platform that keeps our athletes up-to-date. Our mobile apps, websites, newsletters and publications are constantly updated. We continually engage through social media and our reach is wide.     


Our focus – Races and race information in South Africa
Cycling – 600 races
Running – 950 races
Swimming – 100 races

Cycling – Women 40%, average age 38 years 3 months
Running – Women 66%, average age 37 years 7 months
Swimming – Women 57%, average age 36 years 7 months.

Interactions with readers
Cycling – 23%
Running – 64%
Swimming – 13%

Printed – 8%
Web and newsletter – 37%
Social media - 26%
Devices – 28%

Estimated number of annual interactions with readers
Cycling – 3.1 m
Running – 8.5 m
Swimming – 1.7 m 

Material Specs
(1) Banners for website and newsletter
Resolution: 96 pixels per inch
Width: 900 pixels
Height: 100 pixels

(2) Logo for website and newsletter
Resolution: 96 pixels per inch
Max Width: 142 pixels
Max Height: 142 pixels


Electronic Media Advertising Bundle - 
Includes a four-month product review on website, electronic media, logos and links.  Short-term campaigns can be negotiated to suit your requirements.

Contact Information
Sharon Hempel

Tom Cottrell
011-646 9760